What Can Chrome OS Learn from Android?

With Sundar Pichai in charge of both Android and Chrome OS, convergence of some kind is coming, even if the two OSes don't completely become one.

So what kind of features and designs can Chrome OS get from Android?

1. Widget home screen.

Chrome OS has a blank desktop. It's empty space that could be filled with information. A Gmail inbox, a Google Keep widget, a calendar widget, an evernote widget, a Currents widget, and many more could fit on the desktop.

2. Expandable/Actionable Notifications

Hover a mouse over a notification, two finger pinch should expand it and also show more options. This is one of the best features of Android and should make its way to Chrome OS.

3. Intents/Defaults

A major problem I see with web apps is that there's no interapp communication. Google should make an API to enable web apps to receive data. I should be able to share a Youtube video to gmail or G+, a web page to Evernote, etc. Devs shouldn't have to make their own extensions for this one purpose and clutter up the url bar.

Also, defaults. When I want to open a file from the file manager, it should ask me which app to open it with and I should be able to set defaults.

4. Better multitasking menu

Have thumbnail previews of all apps with app icons floating next to them. And if possible, live previews like Windows 7 would be nice.

5. Better animations

When I do a 3 finger swipe, it changes tabs abruptly without any animation. A tab swipe should slide the page over horizontally like swiping through the app drawer.

6. More gestures.

Two finger swipe down from the top left edge could open the notification shade and automatically move the mouse to the first notification. Two finger swipe left/right could dismiss the notification. Two finger swipe down from the top right could open the quick settings. Pinch to zoom should be on the trackpad not just the touch screen. Two finger swipe up from bottom should trigger Google Now.

7. More Android-like services

Play Magazines and Google Currents are yet to be seen on Chrome OS. Those should really be cross platform. Also, Google Books has an offline mode but not Music or Movies. What gives?

Notice that while all of these are unifying with Android, none violate Chrome OSes core philosophy of being a web based OS.

What else can Chrome OS gain from Android?