List of 'attention-to-detail's in Apple products!

These are little things that I've noticed as a user of iPhone, iPad and Mac. As trivial or unnoticeable as they might be, I've come to appreciate them very much.

- Pressing the volume down button just once while the phone is ringing due to a phone call stops the vibration and silences the ringtone - without actually rejecting the phone call. Good way to "reject" a phone call politely.

- iCloud tabs remember if the web page has Reader on or off : if you are reading an article on a Mac with Reader, when you access the same article on your iPhone via iCloud tabs, a Reader automatically pops up on the iPhone.

- Two-finger-tapping any text in iOS selects the entire paragraph that the text is in. Really useful.

- Plugging out a headphone while any kind of audio is playing automatically pauses the audio. Same for video.

- Pressing down the volume down button on iPad for a little longer than usual drives the volume to zero, regardless of the original volume. A very nice touch that contributes to a seamless experience.

- Alarm doesn't go off when you press the wake/sleep button. Must unlock the phone to stop the alarm. Another really nice touch.

- Tapping the camera button on lock screen bounces the lock screen up to reveal the bottom part of the Camera UI as a hint that you need to slide it up (smart)

- When a banner notification is up and you slide down(should do it slowly) from the top to reveal the Notification Centre, the banner is animated to roll itself up to disappear (I know it's purely aesthetic >< but still nice when you slide down slowly to watch it)

If you know other useful or purely aesthetic 'attention-to-detail's, please share with the everyone! I will be very eager to find out and am sure others will be too!