How bad is the Nexus 4 camera?

Personally, the one thing holding me back from pulling the trigger on a Nexus 4 is the camera. How bad is it (really)? Scale it 1 to 10, give it a letter grade, use the five star system -- whatever works for you. I'm just looking for some real world feedback as many of the reviews I've read are pretty inconsistent on the camera's rating.

Background: I'm a videographer/photographer so it's important for me to always have a reasonable quality camera on-hand (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). My serious/professional work will still be left to my DSLR, so I don't the phone's camera to be mind-blowing, but I do want something that doesn't scream "This was shot on a cellphone!"

I know Annie Lebovitz, journalists and the New York Times use the iPhone for professional work, but I personally like Android more than iOS. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and get an iPhone...