>800USD Touchscreen laptop/hybrid

Hi, I need a laptop for my school's BYOD program. I understand that now is probably the worse time to buy a laptop, as Windows Blue/8.1 is coming soon and there'll be a new wave of Haswell devices out by the end of the year, but I need a laptop by May.

Here are my most important requirements:

-Little to no lag when surfing the web, editing photos and videos, word processing/office work (I don't game so Intel graphics 4000 will suffice)

-Touchscreen (I prefer Windows 8 with a touchscreen)

-Durability, Reliability and Long product life (considering that I'll be using it for the next few years)

-Form factor-would be best if it was 13 inches or under (Tablets will also do)

-Not a Core i3s, ARM processor or Atom powered device

I'm on a limited budget (800USD or under), so devices like the Dell XPS 12, Lenovo Yoga and Surface Pro which I really like are out of the question. (I tried a Yoga the other day and it was absoluetly fantastic.)

The only laptops I can find are the Asus Vivobook series and a Dell Inspiron 14. Which is better and do you know any similar devices which fit my requirements? Thank you!