Share Your Favourite Vergecast Clips :-)

As one of The Vergecasts biggest fans, I sometimes relisten to old episodes to see how time has passed. Its fun to dive back into the 2011 "This Is My Next" days before The Verge launched, and even "The Engadget Show" while it was hosted by Josh, Paul and Nilay.

Episodes 234 and 234 of "The Engadget Show" covered the Galaxy S II being revealed, the Xperia Play, the $799 Motorola Xoom "iPad Killer", Nokia selling its soul to Microsoft, the Sony "folded over" and "clamshell" tablets, MeeGo, the Atrix, iPad 2 being revealed and the official death of the Zune. What an exciting time, of bold innovation and tragedy!

And with that I give you three of my favourite clips featuring the current Verge crew, from their last two episodes working for Engadget. You'll glance back through the years with perfect 20/20 hindsight as Josh, Paul and Nilay say some baffling things. I hope you will enjoy these clips, and share links to your own favourite Vergecast moments :-)

Joshua Topolsky LIKES skinned Android!


If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

The Engadget Show episode 233 Joshua "Nexus" Topolsky on HTC Sense looking GOOD on the HTC Flyer "tablet", no sarcasm!

~1hr 50s Joshua: "…their software looks amazing. HTC is very very very competent in the area of making great software, I think they're really good at it."

"HTC good at software" clip direct download

Nilay LIKES the Playbook!


The Engadget Show episode 234 Nilay thinks the Blackberry Playbook tablet is exciting.

~37m Nilay: "wait, you don't….am I CRAZY for being this high on the Playbook?"

Paul: "yeah-you're-crazy…"

"Nilay high on Playbook" clip direct download

Paul likes Meego!


The Engadget Show episode 233 Paul Miller excited about "open source" hackers making Nokia hardware connect to PS3 controllers, and wishing that Android and iOS had more "Insane Meego Innovation" :-)

~1hr 22m 3s Paul: "I can't do whatever I want with it….." "I wanna see that insane innovation you see with something like Ubuntu, or like you see on the N900"

Nilay: "WAIT, WHAT insane innovation on Ubuntu, what are you talking…."

Paul: "like, crazy, hardware hacker type of stuff, you just…see…cool things…"

"Meego Insane Innovation" clip direct download

What are some of your favourite Vergecast/This Is My Next Podcast/The Engadget Show (with Josh/Paul/Nilay) moments? Please share in comments, with links and time if possible! :-)