Deleting comments critical of The Verge

There were numerous comments criticizing The Verge for posting nothing but a headline and writing "developing" in the body of the Dish-Sprint proposed merger story, but now those comments are no longer there.

I think The Verge is a well-run site, but that doesn't preclude it from making mistakes or doing things users are going to disagree with. So why should those comments be deleted? Is it because they called out the website for attempting to create the illusion of being first to the news, and The Verge now wants to keep that illusion going?

It was my opinion and the opinion of many other users that this is a bad practice. Yet apparently commentary on an article isn't welcome if it's critical of said article -- even though it's clearly relevant. How does that make any sense? No self-respecting website or news source I know of acts in that manner.

I'm not saying any of this because I think The Verge is a bad site. I don't. But shouldn't its staff at least be willing to listen to criticism?