iPad is starting to replace laptop. How do I maximize?

So I never intended for it to happen, but my iPad 4 is starting to replace my good old Thinkpad as my main browsing and entertainment machine. It's proven itself to be excellent for browsing, and since my job requires lots of waiting around on film sets, the mobility and battery life factors have made it my go to gadget. So how do I make an already pretty great experience even more robust?

A few questions:

Keyboard docks: any worth recommending? I wasn't a fan of the Logitech (the key travel is pretty awful), but I've heard some good things about the new Belkin Ultimate case.

Does Nitrous really improve Chrome dramatically?

Currently using Upad and loving it. How are its rivals, like Penultimate?

Any good publishing and layout apps, like a mobile version of InDesign?