'What's in Your Bag' Microsoft Tribe Edition: By The Numbers

The Microsoft Tribe recently made the front page of The Verge with their version of 'What's in Your Bag?' I tried something like that on The Apple Core but it didn't take off, I assumed that it was because as Apple fans it is pretty predictable what we'd be using seeing as how one OEM makes the hardware and software and all. What I found surprising, however, was what the Microsoft Tribe members were using. Mostly MacBooks, though, there was much more variability than what I would expect from this forum. Anyways I started to search the comments for the number of times a keyword was used and here are the surprising results. Caveat: some words were merely repeated in discussion and not as a statement of what someone owned so these are not perfect statistics. I did not want to screen the replies, though, because some of them were addendum's from the original poster.

First: Brand Names

You'd assume that the most popular would be Microsoft, right? Wrong. It's Apple. Apple topped out the list of brand names as being mentioned 68 times with only 24 for Microsoft. Who was the second most mentioned brand name? Sony with 67( so close!) . Here are the results:

1.Apple - 68

2. Sony - 67

3. Samsung - 50

4.HP - 44

5.HTC - 40

6.Nokia - 36

7.Microsoft - 24

8.Lenovo - 20

9.Asus 20

10.Blackberry - 19

11.Dell - 15

12.Nintendo - 12

13.Google - 10

14.Acer - 8

15.Motorola - 7

16.Fujitsu - 2

Surprising that Blackberry beat out Dell, Google and Moto. Then again it could have just been one guy mentioning owning a Blackberry and then 18 people bashing him.
Second: Laptops
I wasn't surprised that the MacBook was the most popular but I was surprised by how much more popular it was. It seemed as though nearly every person had one and that was the one thing that inspired me to start looking for frequency of ownership. I decided that the Surface Pro should be included with the laptops as well. RT is with tablets.

MacBook - 84

+Pro - 43

+Air - 35

MBA - 6

MBP - 26

Retina - 17

Surface - 47

+Pro - 22

Chromebook - 19

+Pixel - 3

Thinkpad - 19

Zenbook - 5

(I actually read these mentions of Chromebook Pixel to see if anyone was actually crazy enough to buy one. Turns out one person just said that he was interested in one and another replied to this. One person actually did buy one, his name is njashanmal. )

Third: Phones

What wasn't surprising was that the Nexus line of phones was the most popular. Most people I know who are die hard Windows fans love the vanilla Android experience. What I didn't expect was the close second of the iPhone. This was the one forum where I expected the iPhone to be far less popular (well I guess the Android forum would be one).

Nexus - 130

+4 - 49

iPhone - 113

+3g - 1

+4 - 11

+4s - 25

+5 - 46

Galaxy - 65

+Nexus - 31

+S3 - 9

+S2 - 6

(GS2 and GS3 alone had no mentions)

Lumia - 45

+920 - 24

+900 - 4

+820 - 2

Note - 14

2 - 2

Blackberry - 19

Z10 - 6

+Torch - 1

One x - 6

Optimus - 4

Droid DNA - 1

The Motorola Razr got no mention and the only Droid to receive mention was the one DNA.

Fourth: Tablets and Handheld Game consoles

iPad is king, especially the Mini. Long live the king. Nexus 7 wasn't far behind, though, and the RT was respectable for not having been out that long. As a matter of fact both the Surface products did respectably well.

iPad - 119

+ Mini - 39

+2 - 12

+3 - 18

+4 - 6

Surface - 47

+rt - 15

Nexus - 130

+7 - 31

+10 - 0

Tab - 5

Transformer - 4

Nintendo 3DS - 13

PS Vita - 11

Fifth: Portable Music Players

No need to really evaluate this. The iPod has had a commanding marketshare in almost every sector for nearly a decade. The Zune wasn't horribly behind though. Being the Microsoft Tribe probably helped that.

iPod - 37

+touch - 13

+classic - 8

+ nano - 11

Zune - 15

+HD - 6

Sixth: Operating System

The real fiery subject. Popularity of an operating system. It's difficult to tell how often people were claiming to use the operating systems or merely just comparing them. Here are the results, however.

Windows - 42

+XP - 2

+7 - 5

+8 - 14

Ubuntu - 19

Android - 18

Linux - 8

iOS - 5

OSX - 5

Dualboot - 5

The surprising thing to note, Ubuntu. I've used Ubuntu and I find it to be a poor man's version of OSX. To each their own, however.


Nothing here is completely definitive but you can notice trends. There could be an omitted variable bias to explain the sheer number of MacBooks such as the idea that MacBook owners love to claim publicly that they own a MacBook, I do (this felt like something Phil Schiller would say). I enjoyed seeing the sheer amount of Nexus 4 owners and would like to have one myself. I was disappointed that the 3DS was more popular than the Vita and surprised that the iPad Mini was so popular. The iPod is still strong and so is the iPhone. So we can conclude that Apple makes hardware good enough for even Microsoft fans to appreciate and Microsoft makes software that we love as well (few people that I know use iWork instead of Office) and at least one guy will buy a $1200 Google Chrome browser.