Are you a "core" gamer?

Hello Gaming fellows,

I used to have a blog (sort of still do, it's ending) called Full Specs and was working on a series called "Types of Gamers," in which the goal was to profile every type of gamer. I wanted to talk about who identifies as whatever type of gamer, what they play, what it means for them to be this type of gamer and, importantly, what marketers are targeting these gamers and with what products. I'm moving on to a website called Feminerdity and am taking the Full Specs name with me, so I wanted to attempt to revive my series over there.

I did in fact write a profile on the causal gamer based on the Casual Gaming Association definitions, what my friends on Facebook thought of the term and various other resources with an attempt to NOT use Wikipedia. When I began looking for core gamers, my Facebook turned up silence and my series kind of met its dead end.

Then, I realized that there is this whole Verge community that could possibly help me out.

Don't worry, I'm not demanding you visit my blog or pay it any mind whatsoever. As a volunteer to talk about being a core gamer, you are just that - a volunteer. If you read this and don't care, leave, because you don't owe me anything.

I would be very grateful to talk to people who identify as core gamers. A gamer that I define as "one who spends more time on more in depth games and has been playing for years and years building up a decent knowledge of games come and gone."

Thanks so much to anyone out there! Please feel free to publicly or privately ask me any questions. I'm always around.