Portfolio advice

I graduated uni back in 2009 with a B.A in photography but left there with a poor portfolio and given no advice from my teachers on what was wrong, what I could do better etc. Since graduating I haven't really done much to make use of my degree however this year, I'm going to make things change.

The problem is, my external hard drive containing all of my university photography broke at the end of last year and I have yet to get it repaired as it can be costly and it still may not even be possible to be fixed at all. As I work towards making a new portfolio website in the near future, I was considering making a growth portfolio rather than a best portfolio to show where I started from and where I am today as I still have college photography on DVD and only some university stuff. Completely newer stuff that I've shot since then is completely gone however.

Has anyone here tried this and found it successful or is it always better to show off only your best?