the HTC One makes me excited for a similarly designed HTC tablet

I'm trying to pretend the atrocity that was the HTC Flyer ever existed. Right now, the HTC One is THE Android phone to get IMO. And since I'm very happy with my iPhone 5, I won't be picking up a One any time soon. I am, however, very interested in seeing what HTC can do with a tablet that has the same design language and features that the HTC One has. I once had a Nexus 7, but I was never really satisfied with the purchase and returned it after a couple of weeks.

I'm hoping the One is only the icing on the cake. Of all the companies out there (Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, etc...), I hope HTC knocks it out of the park this year or next with some surprises.

Anyone else feel the same way? It's okay if you don't agree and think HTC is a sinking ship. Share your thoughts.