Nokia's family of Windows Phone 8 handsets just continues to grow. The Finnish smartphone maker is pushing its Lumia devices into the low- and mid-range with devices like the Lumia 620 and 520, but a surprising entry in the form of the Lumia 720 makes Nokia’s budget smartphones a lot more interesting. While the Lumia 920 includes high-end specs and an impressive camera, it's a bulky and heavy device that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Likewise, the Lumia 820 lacks any wow factor with a bland and hefty design and mid-range specs. But the 720 appears to combine the right size with the right design, something the middle of Nokia's lineup has lacked.

Nokia’s strategy in the US and elsewhere has seen it partner with carriers and ship 14.3 million Lumias worldwide. With its rolling thunder approach to the US market still a slow starter, Nokia has turned its attentions to the Lumia 720. A thinner and lighter Lumia sounds appealing, but is the Lumia 720 the Nokia device we've finally been looking for?