OK. Let's talk screens LCD Vs. AMOLED - 1080 Vs 720p

The display is the main part of our phone that we males ontact with the most. It's what shows us the UI. It's what we touch more than any other object on a daily basis. For that reason I'm seeking a little enlightenment and others opinion on what makes a display great and also why you may prefer one screen technology to another.

I'm not only annoyed but loss. Chris Zigler shares the same thought as I in terms of 1080p displays vs 720p....You can't tell the difference. It's just another spec that OME'S like to taunt.


Well isn't this COMPLETELY subjective? The colors and deep blacks on my GS3 Are awesome but looking at the ONE X makes images on the S3 Look less than sharp. Correct me if I'm wrong but AMOLED has to be done with a different arrangement of pixels right? Not always the standard pentile however.

1080p vs 720p

Apparently to most including my brief time with a 1080p display there is no jaw dropping difference. For this reason I feel that it comes down to the lamination process. That process which makes the user feel like they are actually touching pixels.

Shall we discuss... I vote for 1080p LCD LG Or SHARP as the display maker. 4.7 with a ppi the same of the HTC ONE.