Moving from iOS, your thoughts


I have been an iPhone user since 2008 and an Apple user since 2004. I have had my 3GS now for a few years, and it is starting to get really long in the tooth, however it serves all my needs, which is texting, answering emails, and music. Oh, and the occasional game of Where's My Water.

It is time for me to upgrade. I am not such an Apple fanboy that I am going to religiously stick with the iPhone (although I really want to) but I feel like the UI is getting old. It is the same feelings that I have about OS X - circa 2005 it was amazing, but since Win7/8 I think that Apple need to up their game and are falling behind. (And I hardly find things like Mission Control & Launchpad forward progress.)

But back on topic. Unless there are some major OS/UI changes in the next iteration of iOS, I am going to switch to Android or WinPhone (Windows most likely, the UI is amazeballs and I don't particularly care for Temple Run or the like). But I have a few questions.

  • Can I use iTunes to sync music with these devices? Do things like playcounts and ratings and playlists work?
  • Can you tether via wifi?
  • They can play all my iTunes Store purchased music, right?
  • Syncing contacts, calendar and email with the native OS X apps?
  • Is there an app similar to Mailbox that turns your email into at to-do list?
  • Can any Apple Computer using folk who have non-iOS devices please tell me any caveats they came across when syncing the above? I would like to do this all with wifi, if possible.