A Thing of Beauty...

... is a joy forever.

So I'd decided, I wanted more from my iPhone. But not just plain old "boring" more, I wanted the best possible, sexily designed, gorgeously shaded and fanatically detailed "more" as is possible.

So I thought I'd post it here. A lot of people in the Apple Core forums have a great eye for design, and therefore, I need go no further!

Down to it, then: I'd like this to be a thread filled with the most fantastic design concepts, apps and websites, and some screenshots if possible, but the latter isn't necessary. I already have a bunch of apps which I personally believe look great, but obviously, it need not be so for the next man. Here they are:

Any.DO:A great to-do app with some slick typefaces, that doesn't really do that much more than the stock Reminders app, but looks pretty sleek and modern; that's enough for me to push the stock app to a remote folder in the corner of my springboard.

DM1 Drumkit: The skeuomorphic elements are done just right. It's a great app, but limited a bit in functionality. Only a bit.

Flipboard: This app needs no introduction. It's been around for quite a while, now, but still retains the look of a freshly updated app. Magic.

Gesundheit: I doubt if many people would have heard of this game, but it's absolutely gorgeous, with a pastel-based interface.

Grid Lens: Another popular app, the initial impression is that of an "artfully crafted mess", but as you go on, it becomes glaringly easy to use. Looks awesome, and modern, with mild skeuomorphic elements here and there. VERY mild.

Letterpress: Yet another app that needs no introduction, this is what I hope several future apps will learn from. This is a near-perfect app, both in terms of design and operation, for what it does.

Lumify: A somewhat cut down but sexy iMovie alternate, this is probably what Jony Ive might want his version of the same to look like. Just an idea. Brilliantly designed app, though slightly cluttered in feel, at times.

OLO: Ah, the prime cut among all minimal games! I don't need to describe it. Check it out for yourself at the App Store!

Part: This app is, well, useless. After all, who'd want to make the 8MP photos taken by their expensive iPhone 5 appear artfully pixelated? Doesn't matter, because it's another example of a greatly executed flat-minimal UI.

Pocket: Again, no introduction needed. This happens to be one of the cleanest iOS apps available, and is pretty damn useful.

Polymer: Not many may have heard of this; it's somewhat of a brain game (I mean, BRAIN GAMES. Who's got the time for that?). But it's brilliantly designed with well thought-out typefaces and elements.

Solar: Oh, this has got to be my favorite in this list. The sheer combination of minimalism and functionality just blows everything else out of the water. And the brilliant combination of hues just adds to the beauty.

Soundbeam: The extreme levels of skeuomorphism in this app may blow some circuits, but it looks pretty fantastic, all the same.

Sudoku by Moonrabbit: I've mentioned this a couple of months ago; it's a pretty underrated app that sports some serious eye candy. An essential for all fans of this Chinese number game.

Tiny Wings:

Another gem; this pastel-based bird game will entertain all with its simplicity and blow your mind with the presentation of pretty much everything.

I'm really tired of typing now, especially with bits of html everywhere. That's just a few of the great looking (again, only IMO) apps I've downloaded over the past year. I'd love it if you guys added to this list with more, lots more. I love great design. So does everyone else. Go ahead, and share it.