My Love/Hate relationship with the Verge Android app

I like the android app. I really do. It's nicely Holo-themed, runs smooth and is much less cluttered than the website.

But our affair isn't always a happy one :( The list of forum sections disappears whenever I open a link from within a forum post and try to go back.

Video's, even the ones embedded from YouTube, are in horribly low quality. This wouldn't be much of an issue if there was a link to the YouTube web page at hand, but it often isn't.

My written comments often magically evaporate when I press reply (the button is the Holo one though, which is great).

The is no way of joining a forum Hub or posting a forum post from the app.

I really like the Verge, great coverage, splendid writing, and these issues are but a speck of rust on an otherwise flawless machine. But I wanted to state them anyhow.