Why does Apple not innovate?

Apple hasn't debuted a truly innovative product, arguably, since the iPad. The only thing really "innovative" about it was that it was the first true tablet. It launched the market. If you really think about it though, their last big contribution that changed everything was the original iPhone. They've staked their entire existence on it and simply mildly improved it little by little over time. Isn't anyone sick of this?

Google is rapidly outpacing Apple with new ideas like Google Glass, self driving cars and such. The outlook for the Google ecosystem looks promising and exciting while Apple's is bleak.

The edge iOS has had over android over the past is shrinking as android phones become more and more powerful to overcome the laginess of the software. The HTC One appears to have almost completely solved the stutter issue that has been the main bug with android, which means iOS doesn't have that exclusive silky smooth feature. And with Google Babel on the horizon, the issue with fragmented services on Android is well on its way to being solved.

Apple is in dire straits here. If they don't introduce some sort of truly unique ideas this year, then this could be the death of iOS for me. The operating system is old and boring. I've been on it mainly because everybody else has it, but the promise of the future with Google makes me want to move back to the other ball team. The gap has closed and iOS needs to remind us why we choose them over Android.