Looking for a good bluetooth speaker/home audio

I've been looking forward to getting a good Bluetooth style speaker ala Jambox ever since I got my Surface RT. I like the idea of playing music from my Xbox Music app on the Surface and have it pouring from my speaker while being able to walk around the room with the Surface (no wires to trip over). Or to pick up the speaker and carry it outside to my patio and listen to some music while grilling and entertaining friends. What I'm curious about is what system will give me the best bang for my buck. I'm most familiar with the Jawbone line of products and Sonos, however I'm always skeptical of the heavily advertised products because I know part of that price tag is paying for that ad campaign. Always interested in some off brand stuff with the same level of quality I come to you, oh wise internet forums, to see what you guys are using with your tablets and phones to get some personal recommendations. TLDR: What Bluetooth speaker system should I buy to use with my Surface RT and my Windows Phone?