Another pre-release build of Windows 8.1 / Blue leaks

Earlier today we reported on a rumour about Blue bringing back the Start button. And now, we have another leak on our hands: Build 9369.

Build 9369 is only five builds newer than the earlier leak, 9364 and was only compiled 9 days after 9364, dating the new leak at March 24th, 2013. As such, it’s likely nothing new will be in this build especially since this build and the earlier one both leaked from fbl_partner_outXX labs. However, the major difference between the two leaks is that this new one is 64-bit.

We at Haverzine are currently downloading this build and will check it out as soon as we can. In the meantime, check after the break for a couple of screenshots provided by

Screenshots can also be found on the source. Installing this as we speak, will post my thoughts.
More screenshots: