The HTC ONE will be the biggest laptop shaming device the world has ever seen

Two characteristics in particular that are likely better on the HTC ONE than most low end to middling pc notebooks are screen quality/resolution and speaker volume/quality.

At 1080p, the HTC ONEs screen essentially eclipse the vast majority of notebook computers sold. Not just the budget machines either, machines costing upwards of 700 or 800 dollars often come loaded with 1366x768 screen resolutions, with washed out color and abominable viewing angles.

A phone with a 4.7" screen is somehow able to field a higher res screen than most 15" laptops. That, is an embarrassment to all pc makers who stuff those crappy screens in notebooks.

Worse yet, many laptops have really REALLY bad speakers. I would not be surprised if the HTC ONEs speakers were better than a large chunk of laptops on the market that are orders of magnitude larger in size.

Again, embarrassment, shameful to the extreme. And the HTC ONE will be the first device to highlight both of these abject failures in a single device so dramatically.