Transforming an iPhone into a stock (Nexus) Android device

Good morning all,

I am a die hard Apple fan, but, like many of you, I'm getting desperately bored of looking at iOS. I could, obviously, just move to Android for a while, but I just can't give up the camera on my iPhone 5.

As an alternative, however, I've been considering if it's possible to, via Jailbreaking, theme and tweak my phone to such an extent that it will have a lot of the look and feel of an Android device.

My question to you fine people is, do you know of a tutorial / guide to how to achieve this? I know I could just search my way through the many, many tweaks until I find everything, but I can imagine this is something someone has already invested the work in pulling together and presenting, so if anyone is aware of anything that could show me what I need to download, I'd appreciate the share.

There are tweaks such as NowNow that will allow you to launch the Google Search app instead of Siri, for example, but are there more tweaks to give me an Android experience on an iPhone? (Blasphemy I know ... )

Thanks in advance everyone.