Optimized Workflow

I have a question for everyone complaining about having the ability to boot directly to desktop or reinstating the start menu button.

Why do you care?

If someone finds that they are more efficient booting directly into desktop mode why should they not be allowed to it?

If someone prefers the look of the desktop with a million icons (essentially the start screen) why not let them do that?

How does wanting that ability make someone old, lazy, stupid or opposed to change?

I have Windows 8 installed on my home desktop. I like it quite a bit.

I don't use the start screen much -- usually just to launch what ever app it is that I want to use on the desktop. I've always liked a clean desktop anyway so this works for me. My workflow did not change except now I don't have to hit the windows key to start working I just type [app name] hit enter and I am good to go. This works for me, it will not work for everyone. Some people like to click icons I don't understand but I also don't care that someone does.

In the end stop attacking people for the way they work just because it is different than the way you work. They are not lazy or old or ignorant they just found a method for working best suited to them.

[More importantly the verge should fix their website so I don't have to go to all ends of the world just to post a semi formatted post in IE]