rMBP browsing lag

Hi guys, I own a rMBP since september last year, a beautiful product, easily the best tech gizmo I've ever bought... Except for browsing.

God damit this laptop sucks so much at it ! I finally had the occasion to go to an Apple store two weeks ago, in order to check if it was only mine, or a general problem. Apple just released an update with "improved performance", which changed absolutely nothing for me. So I discussed with a genius, and we tried to browse on several sites on my rMBP and on other demonstration rMBP to compare. The performance were abysmal either way.

As soon as you go on site with a few pictures, or worst a heavy site like theverge, or even worst if you have the absolute bad idea of zooming in, the experience is between heavy lag and totally unusable, depending on the site. We tried together Safari, Chrome, native resolution, "1920*1200", and it was equally bad.

So has anyone of you found a solution to this, because honestly being forced to browse on my iPad in order to have a decent experience is not really what I expect from such an expensive product.

For information, it's a 15', with the 2.7GHz i7 and 16 GB of ram, but I don't think it matters much, problem is obviously coming from the poor HD4000...