Thought Based Computing

Google Glass is really exciting to me, but not for the reasons you might think. For me, Google Glass is one of the first steps towards thought based computing. The concept is simple, you use you mind to interact with computers. Beyond that, the computer can pull information and other things from your mind. You can use your thoughts to do searches. If you have an image in your mind, you can take a snapshot of it and print it out in real life. You can link you thoughts with someone else. You can save your dreams (and nightmares if you're brave) as videos to watch later. These are all concepts that I hope will come to fruition as thought based computing comes closer and closer. We have a few early models of thought based computing. This game pictured below is a Star Wars game that lets the user's mental feedback push a ball up and down (It's not all mental, as there is a fan that actually pushes the ball up). How far do you think we are from real thought based computers?