Comparison of all the latest Flagships. (Believe it or not, the One/GS4 are not the only existing phones)

Instead of giving a list of all the positives and negatives of each phone, I'll name each phone, followed by a list of anything where it tops every other flagship device and things it has that the others don't. So;

Sony Xperia Z:

- IP57 Protection, not only does that top the others, the others have nothing to even compete with that.

- Full Glass Body

- Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 (Not quite sure what that is, but the others don't have it so it counts for something.)


HTC One:

- Front mounted dual stereo speakers, with Beats Audio enhancement.

- 469PPI Pixel Density, better Pixel Density due to smaller 4.7" screen.

- Full Metal Unibody

- Ultra Pixel Camera (Yes only 4MP, but I'm naming things the others don't have as well.)

- Zoe, Blinkfeed yada yada..

- HTC Sense UI v5


Samsung Galaxy S4:

- Screen works with gloves and air gestures.

- Multi-window multitasking.

- Additional Sensors (barometer, thermometer, hygroscope)

- Smallest and lightest. (Hopefully not the Galaxy SII kind of small and thin though. I've never held a GS4, but the GSII feels so empty for a phone of it's size. If the phone is too light it might feel weird like the SII did in my opinion.)

- Android 4.2 on launch. The One at least will get an upgrade soon, but does not launch with 4.2


LG Optimus G Pro:

- Largest Screen (5.5")

- Dolby Mobile sound enhancement.

- Largest battery (3,140MAh, although with it's larger screen it probably doesn't make for more usage of the phone.)

- True Full HD IPS Plus LCD Screen which apparently has more accurate colours than even Super AMOLED.


Nokia Lumia 920:

- Windows Phone 8 OS

- PureMotionHD+ IPS Display with ClearBlack.

- Xbox Live integration

- Nokia Music (Never used it, can't tell you if that's even a good point.)

- First available.

Basically, if you tend to drop your phone a lot or get it dirty a lot, buy the Xperia Z. If you want an attractive phone, are a fan of music, tend to take pictures in low light more often than not, or like to keep up to date with news, buy the HTC One. If you like to multitask, want the latest version of Android, or like additional features, get the Galaxy S4. If you like big screens, and want accurate colours, get the Optimus G Pro. Or if you like Windows Phone, and all the other features Nokia give you, buy the Lumia 920.