Thoughts on Google Now after a trip

1. When I say "Google", I shouldn't have to wait before I give my instructions.

2. Dramatically improve nickname feature, especially with relatives and people with names that are hard to spell. Additionally, Google Contacts should have some sort of training feature where I say the names of my contacts.

3. Google Now should realize when I'm at a bus terminal and then figure out where I'm going. For instance, if it knows I have a flight soon, it should put it all together and tell me which bus or train I should take.

4. Transportation mode should not be set across all items. Let me individually say depending on location, how far away, etc.

5. I don't want to unlock my phone for the simple Google Now stuff. Especially if I'm on the move and have an earbud in and want to send a text using only my voice.

6. When I leave a restaurant, or similar place, why not invite me to rate it on Google Places?

7. If I go somewhere without street view, why not prompt me to take a photo of my location? I'm thinking about Panoramio mixed with the Camera feature's Photo Sphere

8. If it's going to rain within two hours (or adjustable time), tell me.

9. If I say note to self, and then pause, don't jump to the next screen. I'm thinking damn it, give me some time.

10. Side note: why the hell doesn't Google Play offer podcasts?

11. Another side note: Google Voice better get MMS already. Christ.