Nexus 10 said to be doing worse than Surface RT

For all the hate piled on the Surface RT, it seems like it has outsold the Google Nexus 10 which also went on sale around the same time. Now before anyone points out that this is mere speculation, even RT sales estimates are just that, but as speculations go, the difference is stark.

The point is not to hate on Google or Android, but to illustrate the fact that this is indeed a very tough market to crack and that only Apple has so far managed to do so. Google has done well with the cheaper Nexus 7 but is struggling in the 10" market just like Microsoft despite the large market share of Android phones and bigger Android ecosystem for mobile devices.

Hence, the next time people hate on Surface RT touting its estimated sales numbers, it would do well to remember the competition too. At least Microsoft is making significant money from the Surface business.