Redesigning the Windows 8 Store


The General Idea:

If you just want to search the store, you can initiate a store search from anywhere in the OS with the search charm. That makes discovery the primary function of the store. that's how I approached it.

Store wide discovery transitions to category selection. Category based discovery transitions to search.

New middle groups are added for additional user configurable discovery.

It's a simple repeating structure that provides more relevant discovery and presents search as a logical progression rather than a separate function (search is still available at any time).


Store - Home:


Gone is the endless scroll marathon of information overload. Here is a simple scroll past user configurable middle groups to get to a category list.


The Middle Groups:


The middle groups include a new addition that I'm calling a "Quick List". The Quick Lists provide an additional 2-3 sets of items. Enough to be useful but no so much that it can be misappropriately used to search. The first group gets 3 feature tiles. Additional groups are displayed as a Quick List by itself.


App Bar:


The App Bar includes the options to show and hide the middle groups (min. of 1 extra group). Rearrange the group order in the Semantic Zoom view.


Store - Category:


The discovery groups in the category view show only items relating to that category. The search view at the end defaults to a 'most relevant' search of the category that you are in. The search can then be refined just as you would expect with a regular search.


I hope it's all fairly self explanatory.