"Boot to Desktop" is not a cop-out move by Microsoft.

"Boot to Desktop" is not a cop-out move by Microsoft. First, let's think real hard about what Windows 8 is. It's a hybrid operating system. It's "Windows", which is popular for its robust features for multitasking and doing important things in Desktop mode that other OSes can't do and doing things in the Start Screen other OSes which they could.

Now, there's an option developed for Windows 8.1 which would allow users to "Boot to Desktop". This is a "no-brainer" and is also a "no-biggie". Certainly, Windows 8 should disable the "Boot to Desktop" option by default, because the Start Screen originally represents exactly what it is, a "Start Screen."

The reason why the "Boot to Desktop" is NOT a cop-out move by Microsoft is because Desktop and the Start screen must be seen as equal hierarchy. Remember the older OSes, such as the predecessor Windows 7? It had a "Start Menu", which certainly wasn't open automatically when the user logged in. Windows as an OS is transforming to what it needs to be, and let it. It certainly DOES involve "metro", that's a given. In fact, I'll go even further and say other software companies already or eventually will begin to envy this grand idea of a Hybrid OS that can do amazing things in conjunction to an alternative Desktop environment. Desktop and "Metro" must be seen as coexisting OS environments that serve unique purposes.

PS: I would love it if Microsoft made an actual Start-Button on the task-bar when in Desktop, instead of the hotspot-hover button.

Just saying. =P