Lack of quality reading apps for Windows

The biggest frustration I have with using Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone are the substandard reading apps. I am not familiar with Android but my transition from iPad's reading apps to Windows 8/RT has been disappointing. Of Kindle, Nook and Kobo only Kindle has an app for both Windows 8/RT and WP. Unfortunately the Kindle store on Surface RT doesn't work properly and the Kindle app lacks basic features such as multiple fonts, share to Facebook/Twitter, highlight colors, etc. A very big problem with the Kindle app for Windows 8/RT is it doesn't support newspapers or magazines and certain publisher apparently will not allow their magazines to be published by Amazon on anything other than a Kindle device or Kindle iPad/iPhone app. Barnes and Noble Nook app has an attractive app for Windows 8/RT and fortunately does offer magazines and newspapers. Unfortunately it lacks basic features such as a dictionary, notes, highlights, sharing, etc. Also there is no app for Windows Phone and when I contacted Barnes and Noble about an app two weeks ago they gave no indication they were considering creating one. Kobo has an app for Windows 8/RT that also lacks basic features, such as a dictionary. It also doesn't support magazines. There no app for WP. The only bright spot I have found is Overdrive Media Console. I understand apps take time to be developed but the fact that none of the major e-book sellers have Windows apps that come close to being on par with Apple is discouraging. With Microsoft talking about releasing a smaller, reader-sized Surface tablet I wonder what customer who is passionate about reading would buy it once they realize they can't read their Kindle magazines or even buy a book from Amazon in their Kindle app. Then there are textbooks, which is another issue. I have no idea if Microsoft even recognizes the lack of quality reading apps as a problem. It could be this is only an issues for bookworms like myself.