Hyper-touch-sensitive Mercedes-Benz Ads

When browsing the site on my iPad, I've been noticing frequent accidental taps on ads like this Mercedes-Benz ad below, opening up a new tab and telling me all about the C-Class.


Turns out that this ad registers a "click" or intentional tap for any touch event, including any attempt to scroll/swipe if my finger begins the swipe on the ad. I've since discovered that this occurs no matter how quickly I move my finger.

Anyone else noticing this? It's pretty annoying, particularly in Tweetbot or other more limited in-app browsers where my article suddenly morphs into a Mercedes webpage because I tried to thumb through a page. I'm not saying the Verge intentionally codes its ads to be hypersensitive, as an unintentional click is just as good as a concerted one, but --actually, scratch that, this is the Internet after all. J'accuse, Verge.