How would you refresh the current Lumia lineup?



The 920, 820, 720, 620, and 520 are all out. I thought at first they were going to make phones of different sizes, but they were just making phones to cater to different markets, which is disappointing, but makes sense.



But why can't they do it like Apple? One phone a year, and if you're short on budget, you buy the older, cheaper one. That'd solve the problem of selling at different markets, without promoting your phones as 'budget' phones. There's also Asha to solve that problem, so the Lumia should be the premier lineup.

Different people have different hand sizes, so I believe it's only right to come up with phones of different sizes to cater to that fact.

My frustration is this, I really want a well specced Lumia with a 4.0" screen, but what I get is a 520. Only 512MB RAM, no front camera, no flash, no compass, and a crappier screen.


If I were to refresh the current Lumia lineup, I'd move from 5 phones to 3 phones. The first with 3.7", the second with 4.0", and the last with 4.3". They can name it Lumia S, Lumia M and Lumia L for all I care, but all 3 phones will be marketed equally as high end phones, all receiving the same amount of attention, and with similar specifications. No one phone will be considered as 'better' or 'more high end' than another, and people will pick their Lumia based on the size of their hands.

I picked those 3 sizes because I firmly believe that phones should be designed for one handed use, don't tell me big phones are the thing now, just look at Apple's success with 3.5" and 4.0".

The next thing regarding the next Lumia lineup is in its design decisions. The 920 has the sharp corner, the others don't. The 920 and 720 are unibody designs with no MicroSD and removable battery, while the others differ. And that bloody 620 has that weird two tone shell that none of the others have. And the 820 and 920 come in grey while the others don't, the 620 is the only one that comes in green, 820 in purple... what on earth?

It's not just about how the phone is, it's about the entire portfolio.

So why is this so? I believe that Nokia needs to believe in its design decisions a lot more firmly. If it's going to have a removable cover/battery, or a MicroSD card slot, or a rounded corner, let them ALL have it.

It's also really good for the brand, I believe.

I for one will root for the removable battery, because phones should be designed to be used for >2 years; the exchangeable shells, so that third party companies can create fancy shells to satisfy customers, and buying a new shell makes the phone look as good as new; no Micro SD but a 32GB internal storage for all devices, so that there's no hassle in handling two different storage drives; and the exchangeable shells don't come in the box so there's no worries on colour availability, and also you don't have to remove the shell when you're setting it up for the first time.

This is how I would do it if I were Nokia. How would you? Some of you may disagree with me, and if you do, I'd love to hear why!