How would YOU define "all day battery life"

The maximum screen on time I can get on my stock unrooted N4 at the moment is around 3.5 hrs. I'd call that moderate use and IMO it's just not enough. If anything, I want more battery life because the N4 is such a joy to use that I want to use it more!
My idea of all day battery life goes something like this:

  • 2 hrs commute to and from work on Google Navigation to avoid traffic;
  • 4 hrs music playback - 2 hrs while in the car driving, 2 hrs while browsing etc per below;
  • 4 hrs Chrome-ing, Gmailing, Babelling, Keep-ing, gaming;
  • 1 hr for voice calls, hangouts;
  • 3 hr movie at night, rented from the Play Store;

and all with Google Now, GPS, WiFi and auto-brightness left on and 10% left before bedtime.

Is this too much to ask?

Google does want us to use its services doesn't it? :)