Lost in a sea of tablets..

Hi! First of all let me introduce myself! I’m Laura, I come from Spain and I’m having a very difficult time to choose between all the tablets in the market.

I have been comparing different reviews from different sites, but I haven’t been able to take a decision yet. There are seriously too many options! The use that I would give to the tablet is basically to take notes in college. Right now I am in the traditional pen and paper phase, but I recently discovered the Evernote world and I want to exploit it to the maximum.

So it would be perfect if it had an adequate size so that I could use it as something similar to a keyboard (I LOVE writing qith ten fingers) or some good Note-taking features. It would be also great if it is not too heavy, since my idea is to carry it around all day.

I own an iPhone 4, which could be an argument for going for an iPad, but: I’ll be studying in Australia next year and I heard that there are problems arising when trying to buy from AppStore from a different country.

Thank you so SO much for helping me out!
Kisses from warm Spain!