Laptop Replacement: Can I live with only a Tablet?

My old and trusted laptop, running xp, has finally just given up, and now i am looking for a replacement. I was just going to do what I normally do and go on the interweb, look up the latest and greatest and then scale it back due to money and what i need it to do. The last time i did this was back in 06, but since then things have changed for me and in technology.

I started looking at ultrabooks but nothing has what im after, Excellent screen, a descent keyboard and track-pad, with enough horsepower under the hood to run it all and good design. And not wanting to get an Apple air this left me with a problem.

Then came the Pixel, and i have to admit that I fell in love a little bit with it from the pics and all the reviews, but like a lot of people could not justify the price for what is just chrome browser, I do think that I could with minimum effort move to the cloud as I have most of my stuff there anyway and spend a large amount of my time in chrome just browsing.

I also have a Samsung tab 2 10.1 that is ok for what i use it for, mostly just sitting on the sofa browsing the web, streaming music,, watching movies in bed and playing a few games. Most of the apps I use have been tablet optimised and I like it ok for what i use it for. The screen is not great but good enough for this sort of thing.

However all this did get me thinking, could i get everything that i wanted/needed with one device. And that would be the Nexus 10 with an apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I think that this would give me everything i need. I would have my tablet for the sofa with an amazing screen, but when i need to get some longer typing done i can set it on my desk with the keyboard and mouse and away I go. Also if I want to i could plug it into an external monitor if I need a larger screen. And also has multiple user log in which would be nice so that both me and my GF would have it set up the way we want. This seems like something that would do for me. The only issue i have about this it getting larger files on or off it. thinking mainly of movies that I have downloaded. At the moment I don't have any method of streaming from the tablet to the tv what I do is stick a USB drive into the TV and watch them that way, But this causes a problem if I only have a Nexus 10.

Has anyone tried to live with this sort of set-up and where there any issues that I have not thought of, am I seeing this with rose tinted glasses and should just get a chromebook or win7/8 laptop.