Helix Pressure Sensitivity Issues

Hey fellow Tribals. Like many of you, I've been eagerly drooling over + awaiting the arrival of the Thinkpad Helix. It looked to pretty much solve every shortcoming of the Surface Pro. Some of the earlier orders have finally shipped, and one hell of an issue has been uncovered. While the Surface Pro and other Win8 tabs lack WinTab support, the Helix flat out doesn't appear to even support pressure sensitivity in basic legacy apps such as Sketchbook Pro.

Even more troubling is Lenovo's response on the matter:

I did get your email about the person who has a Helix and is not happy with it – I asked brand folks for their thoughts. It looks like he as trying to use it to replace a high end digital sketching device – I do not think they are designed to do the same thing and if digital drawing/sketching is top of his list for the box the Helix would probably not be a good replacement for his current hardware.

tl;dr: It looks like Lenovo completely dropped the ball on this one, and (at least as of this moment) doesn't even see the actual reason for concern here.

In any case, I just wanted to spread the word on this issue and raise awareness so that we can hopefully avoid people buying a Helix only to find it lacking the functionality they needed. It stings a bit after waiting so damn long for a Helix, but I'll probably just end up going Surface Pro myself.