Verizon iPhone Sales Comparison Against Other Platforms

2011Q3: Verizon sold 5.6M smartphones -- 2M iPhones / 3.6M Other

2012Q3: Verizon sold 6.8M smartphones -- 3.1M iPhones / 3.7M Other

Q3 YEAR OVER YEAR CHANGE: iPhone +55% / Other +4%

2011Q4: Verizon sold 7.7M smartphones -- 4.3M iPhones / 3.4M Other

2012Q4: Verizon sold 9.8M smartphones -- 6.2M iPhones / 3.6M Other

Q4 YEAR OVER YEAR CHANGE: iPhone + 44% / Other +6%

2012Q1: Verizon sold 6.3M smartphones -- 3.2M iPhone / 3.1M Other

2013Q1: Verizon sold 7.2M smartphones -- 4M iPhones / 3.2M Other

Q1 YEAR OVER YEAR CHANGE: iPhone + 25% / Other +3%

Seems to me that growth is declining for iPhone, but that growth for the other platforms has already bottomed out.