Google Tasks: what I want it to become

Google Keep has nicely filled a hole on Android for quick notes. I love the way it integrates nicely with Voice Actions, so I can open Google Now and tell it to take a note.

I'd like to see Google tasks developed in a similar way. It's about time that Google bought out one of the Google Tasks clients from Google Play and made it a bigger part of Android. I'd like to see it become something more like Reminders on iOS. I would want it to tap into the location aware Google Now so I can not only add tasks to specific task lists by voice, but also make those tasks location aware. There are some apps out there that try to fill this hole in the market, but I want something that will be at the heart of Android.

But that's not all.

Link it to all the info Google already has on me. I've added a reminder to buy milk? Google already knows my location history, so it should be able to guess which shops are close to me or which shops I already buy milk from judging on how long I tend to stay at that shop's location. It can then remind me when I'm nearby (without me necessarily having to specify which shop, because it already knows) and also let me know what offers that shop has on at that time. Remind me to buy milk, but give me the option to let me know what else might be worth picking up at the same time because it's on offer. It's another way for Google to make money by targeting ads relevant to me in real time, and it also helps me out at the same time. Know my lists, longings and locations from my use of Google Tasks and provide me with relevant ads at the time and place that I might actually care to read.

I might be asking too much for now, but this is what I want to have one day. I know people use Tasks in different ways, but I think this is at least one way that would benefit the user (with location aware reminders and tight integration with the OS and Google data) and make money for Google at the same time. Some folks use Tasks to make lists of things they want to do or places they want to go. So sell travel ads based on that data. Others use it for to-do lists. So sell ads based on what I am wanting to do on a specific day. I am/was a user of Reader and I'd hate to see Tasks go the same way just because Google couldn't figure out a way to make money from it.