Is it just me, or do I have no desire to use a Metro app on a desktop...

[Start rant]

Sorry for the rant, but I have so much patience for Windows and Microsoft but there isn't a single cell in my body that wants to use Metro on my desktop PC.

I have been a 'Microsoft' guy for eons now, and I have always used PC's at work, school and at home. I tried a mac a couple of years back, but the apple OS just felt like a superficial layer on top of a PC which was locked down. I was used to toggling with registry settings, small little things that I liked to do. Apple didn't provide me with that.

I'm in my late 20's and my first PC was right around Windows XP was first released. I bought a desktop to which I had upgraded XP to Vista (I was closely following all the little increments of build numbers, Release Candidates etc), I did the same with Windows 7 and with Windows 8 (All on the same PC). I downloaded Windows 8 Consumer preview and the RC, each download thinking "Oh, this is cool, but its clearly not finished and they'll change a lot before they release it"...then they released it and not a lot had changed. Why would I use Xbox music when I have my Zune player, why would I use the Mail metro app when I have Windows Live Mail. Both apps are, in my eyes, better than the Metro equivalents.

I understand the reasoning behind Windows 8. Apple and Google obviously have a boat load of developers clambering over themselves to make apps for their phones and tablets, therefore Windows 8 was made to give developers a incredible opportunity to develop for millions and millions of potential customers using Windows 8, where the code would be easy to alter to change it into a tablet or phone app. To prime the pump. The only problem is, it is currently not working.

Windows 8 has been out for how long now, 6 months, and how many apps has it got? 50,000?

I'm sure that is an incredible growth by any standards, any standards apart from Mircosoft. The point was to attract developers to their tablets and phones as well as the desktop. How many more developers has windows phone 8 gotten from windows 8? How many quality apps are out there on Windows 8? How many new and exciting indie developers are out there developing for Windows 8 and Windows phone 8?

As a personal example, I'm a self-confessed Microsoft guy, and through very fortunate circumstances had the opportunity to get a Surface Pro basically for free. I, like some people, don't need a tablet. I have a Sony laptop running Windows 7 that works wonderfully well, although is 2 years old, but there is no need to buy a new one, nevermind a laptop/tablet that the surface pro is. But there was very little desire to buy the surface pro. The main reason being that the Surface is all about the Metro environment, but I can do everything I want (and probably better) without Metro.

Maybe Windows 8 just isn't for me, and Windows Blue will ease all of my concerns and have me fighting over the next Microsoft product, but I doubt it.

I'm just a bit concerned, as Apple and Google (Apple more so) have quality/killer apps that drive phone/tablet purchases. When will we get Snapchat, Punch Quest, Temple Run 2, Candy crush saga, Flipboard, Clear, #music twitter app??? I don't know whats going on, developer wise, but its not like Apple are getting all of the apps, Google are getting 80% of the apps and Windows are getting 50% of the apps, its like Windows isn't getting any apps at all. Is it that much harder to develop for Windows?? Are the rates of phone/tablet sales that low??

What I want to know is how many people are out there buying Windows 8 pc. I don't mean what are the current sales numbers, because they will have numbers for businesses within them etc. I want to know consumer sales. I want to know how many people are seeing the ads, going to their local Best buy, picking up a Windows 8 pc or laptop or tablet, getting home turning it on and thinking "Yes, this is exactly what I want"

Side note: Do developers for Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 need a windows 8 machine to develop for the platform?

[/Rant over]