Brian Eno, the former member of Roxy Music widely credited with inventing ambient music, is working on light and sound installations designed to provide a "healing environment" inside hospitals. It's a fitting setting: Eno's ambient work, as exemplified by albums such as Ambient I: Music for Airports, is said to have been inspired by his own experience of spending an extended period in hospital following a car crash.

The first place to incorporate a new Eno installation, according to the Independent, is the Montefiore Hospital in Hove, England. Eno has created two works for the hospital: 77 Million Paintings for Montefiore will occupy the reception area and uses light and generative music in a similar way to the artist's iOS apps, and Quiet Room for Montefiore has a dedicated soundtrack written specifically to help patients relax. There aren't any plans to make the music available to anyone else, though — a spokesperson for Eno said “It’s true to say that the Quiet Room for Montefiore is an album that can only be heard in the Montefiore Hospital.”