Lack of Windows exclusives shows the real decline of the platform

I built my Core i5 rig because I wanted something to game, create media and run my business software. Problem is that I could have done it just as easily with a combination of a cheaper Linux rig and used that extra money to get a tablet to use on the go. The money I could have saved with Windows and Office licenses would have paid for the tablet.

I first starting using Windows because of games but now all the best new games are cross platform and they even have steam for Linux.

My company has completely switched to the cloud since we are spread out globally and are saving tons of money on licensing costs.

Even all the new hot casual apps are either mobile first or have even completely skipped Windows.

I know Microsoft just reported a pretty good quarter but it's off the back of everything but Windows. I bet you would even be hard pressed to Google up even one story of a hot Windows only application.







Twitter Music is probably the best recent example. iOS only =o/