Is data what people want?

Coming from the UK where the 3 main carriers don't offer unlimited data tarrifs; EE, O2 and Vodafone. After browsing about for a while for a good tariff for a Nokia Lumia 920 I opted into EE's 4GEE tariff just because I wanted to give 4G a go and because they have capped data limits. So far so good, got quite a good deal for migrating from Orange (one of EE's legacy brands) over to the 4GEE tariff. Every network I spoke to told me 1GB was virtually unlimited and because I am a well informed consumer I knew 1GB was in fact not a lot of your are going to do any tethering or streaming.

How much data do you use on your plan and if so are the unlimited packages available or lesser known networks worth going for?

Does anyone on this forum work for a carrier and have knowledge about how much data in general consumers go through?

Very interesting topic since 80% of my consumption is done on my mobile rather than desktop!