Fundawear - Heavy petting over the Internet


Durex Australia has created motor filled underwear that allows a person to feel sexual ‘touches’ over the Internet.

Fundawear bra and knickers and boxer shorts have actuators built into them. These are advanced compact vibrators that create the sensation of touch when activated by a smartphone app.

The idea is to allow a couple who are separate by distance to physically stimulate each other using the app. The underwear is paired via Bluetooth to a smartphone, which receives a signal over the Internet from the smartphone of another user. Each person is able to select where they want to touch their partner and the intensity of the touch.

The project is not yet confirmed for commercial release but you can enter a competition on Durex Austrailia's Facebook page for the chance to test Fundawear.

It's been labeled the ‘future of foreplay.’ Anybody thinking this is a wacky idea that won’t take off just imagine the possibilities if you combine Fundawear with custom hacks and the Oculus Rift…

Durex Australia Facebook page