Best Nexus 4 ROMs!

I recently purchased my Nexus 4 and it's certainly the best phone I've owned. A large part of this is definately the ParanoidAndroid ROM. The PIE controls allow you to eliminate the NavBar, replacing it with gesture navigation, turning it into a true 4.7" device and freeing up valuable real estate. The ROM also comes with DPI controls allow you to downsize oversized UI elements such as the status bar. And with Tablet Mode you can also enable access to tablet-only features such as multiple user accounts, two panel browsing and non-fullscreen notifications.

With NavBar



Pie Controls Without NavBar (With modified Status Bar DPI)



Notifications (Phablet Mode - Modified DPI)



The ROM also allows for multiple panels in applications. Far more efficient way of navigating the system:



This is really the perfect ROM for the Nexus 4 (or any other device with NavBar). It tuns the already beautiful Nexus 4 into a thing of perfection! So are there any other ROMs out there that you guys would recommend specifically for the Nexus?