The Best Android devices have already been announced (Logic)

I sat on posting this for about three days until I heard a podcast today from

Think about this.

HTC's Flagship is - HTC ONE

Samsung's Flagship is - Samsung Galaxy S4

LG's Flagship is - LG Optimus Pro

Now think about this

Motorola is talking about mid rage phones this year being their big thing. . . . I'm sorry mid range phones that are "Just right" - If they do a flagship then it will be the (X Phone) . . which IMO is just a myth and foolery.

Next is Apple. This of course the iPhone 5s is coming. But if JI is doing this whole new redesign then may name it something else. . who knows.

Lastly GOOGLE!!!!! Of course November is Nexus month! No one knows who they will work with but here's hoping Motorola? I prefer they work with HTC but whatever.

So here are the real flagships in no particular order, but of course I will put my fav first.

1. HTC ONE (Released)

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Soon Released)

3. Apple iPhone

4. Google Nexus

So by that Logic I would say the best Android phones have already been announced in terms of the high end market. We are just waiting on one more. If you switch platforms then Apple iPhone would still be an Alternative to wait on. If you don't wait Google or Apple, then there is always Blackberry and even that phone has already been released, and as far as WinPhone . . . . I don't even know what their flag ship is.

Just my logic.