From 4S to Note 2—an awkward week in heaven


^ My Note 2 home VS some iPhone 4S home

Oct 2010 - Jan 2012...Sprint OG EVO

Jan 2012 - Mar 2012...Virgin Mobile Optimus V

Mar 2012 - Mar 2013...Sprint iPhone 4S

1 week ago - Whenever Nexus 5 drops...Tmobile Note 2

The Note 2 is everything the 4S isn't. Disgustingly bloated until I cleaned it up with CarbonRom, useful internet speeds, comparatively difficult to hack, big screen, capacitive buttons, notification LED, and a mammoth form factor. Whereas I could use the 4S gracefully, and it was practically made to be in a pocket—even with headphones plugged in—it's awkward trying to handle a device this big with any kind of grace (I know, that's what she said). It doesn't help that I wear skinny jeans/pants; it's always in my way, and tight quarters threaten to snap the headphone jack right off.

How am I coping? I absolutely love it. It's downright awesome. Once again I'm rocking the top shelf mobile device—granted, this experience is perfectly horrifying until you slap CarbonRom on it.

What I miss:

- I can't iMessage the Macs at work from my phone any more, I have to do that from the MacBook.

- Not living in constant fear of snapping off the headphone jack because the device is so cramped in my pocket.

- Carrying the most gorgeous mobile device ever created.

- The Music app.

- Being able to scroll to the top of lots of things by tapping the status bar.

- Music Box

- A loud speaker that's not in a terrible position

What I'm loving:

- A mobile device where half of the front surface isn't bezel or chin.

- Gigantic beautiful display. Ridiculous black levels.

- The freedom to use once again use the 16GB flash drive sitting in my pocket (you know, that one with a phone attached to it) as a flash drive.

- Internet speeds that make tethering an enjoyable mobile experience instead of something to dread.

- The best browsing experience on a cell phone, bar none. Related: the ability to download files.

What next?

Nexus 5.

What I liked about the 4s was it felt like a premium experience, top in class. But it also felt like Apple reached a pinnacle, and now iPhone is conservative and just great instead the best. I liked the 4S because there wasn't anything better, for the same reason I find myself being drawn away from the iPhone now. I don't foresee the iPhone regaining that ground any time soon, and so for me it's just a waiting game for Nexus 5 or X Phone or whatever pure AOSP device Google delivers next. In the meantime this gigantic Note 2 is serving my needs wonderfully.