Has Apple "Doubled Downed"

We are a little over 2 months from WWDC, surely we already know what the next iPhone is going to look like, right? Outside of a few not so substantial leaks that is not the case this year. The consensus is Apple will release the iPhone 5S. That would be a very educated prediction if you follow the typical release cycle. However with that being said there are no typical leaks and parts flying around the internet piecing together the next iPhone release. No phone has been given the full hands on from deep inside Asia, no phone has been left in a bar. Even the iPad, which typically would have had a new version around now, is hiding from the camera.

Is Mr. Cook living up to his promise of "doubling down" on secrecy? Have the supply chain bandits of information been caught and silenced? Or is there a deeper meaning to this lack of ileaks? Not to echo the screams of "Apple is doomed," but there might be a simple answer. Lack of excitement. No matter how you feel about Apple you must agree that they have loss a bit of their flair. Yes they are rolling in money, however that is not what excites people. New products, features, and one last things are what stimulates the masses. The feeling towards Apple now seems to be muddled. Can Apple get that excitement back? Maybe the leaks are what gave Apple its flair.