Exynos 5 Octa and Tegra 4 are already outdated. Arm's A57 is Here!

ARM and TSMC have just put the new A57 cortex into production. It offers 3 times the performance with the same battery life or the same performance as the A15 with 5 times the battery life. And the A53 is also coming out soon which has the same performance as an A9 but with 40% less power consumption.


Just imagine what can be done with this. What if a Chromebook ran on an overclocked A57/A53 big.LITTLE octa?

That could could have 10x the performance of the current Samsung Chromebook and potentially bring the performance near Intel iSeries levels.

Maybe the next Pixel can run on ARM, cost less, weigh less, be thinner, and have better battery life.