Recent Verizon Store Experience: iPhone vs Android

So I'll be getting a new phone in the coming months and haven't yet decided between an iPhone or sticking with Android (currently have a Droid Incredible 2, rooted running Jellybean) I went to the Verizon store last night to see the iPhone 5 hands on (I haven't owned an iOS device since the 1st gen iPod Touch) and also check out some of the newer Android phones in person. I do have plenty of friends with 4S's though and have played around with those plenty. So keep in mind I'm aware of the pros and cons of both mobile OS's and think theres a place in the market for them both with what they offer.

Anyway, I had an absolutely disgusting experience with the sales rep there and wanted to share... either the sales person that was talking to me is horribly uneducated or was just straight up lying to me...
I was looking at the iphone 5 and she just kept bashing it, and it wasn't like personal preference things (which would be understandable), instead she was telling me things like:

"The androids are better because they ALL have gorilla glass" which isn't true.. most of the higher end androids do, but I'm pretty certain the iphone uses Gorilla Glass too, unless I'm mistaken.
She was also trying to tell me that the Galaxy S3 has much faster LTE than the iPhone5, now idk the specifics of this, but I find that rather hard to believe.

and then "The iphone only comes in 8gb, the galaxy s3 can do 200x that storage size" in which I assume she was referring to the sd card slot, but either way, 8gb*200 is well over a tb.. I'm pretty certain there isn't any smartphone out yet capable of having that much storage capacity. Also, the iphone she was showing me was a 16gb model.. so clearly 8gb isn't the biggest iphone they have..

She also then was trying to sell me on the new blackberry 10, saying it was far more reliable than both the androids & iphone.. Then she tried to unlock the demo unit they had, and it stuttered, crashed and reset the phone..(not sure what was going on with that one.. That was my first experience seeing BB10 in anything other than a Verge video or two) So she quickly grabbed the Droid Razr Maxx next to it and started talking that up instead.

I still don't know if I want to go iOS or Android for my next, but the experience with the sales rep was just apalling. And I'm curious as to how many less tech savvy customers shes convinced with those arguments. Clearly Verizon gets something more out of selling droids than they do iphones.