Is MS' problem Marketing or Branding?

I think Surface is a great name for a touch oriented tech device. Should MS have called Windows 8 for touch devices "Surface OS"? The UI "Surface UI"? I'm talking across phone, tablet, AIO's etc. How then would they market the OS to non touch devices? I think changing the branding would have validated the touch first experience that is Windows 8. It would have been easier to justify the desktop tile as a relic, allowing you to do legacy work alongside all that is Surface. That is essentially what you get now. With the Windows moniker attached to 8, you think its still conceptually a desktop first(like all prior windows) with touch elements overlaid. Should MS only have kept Windows' name for servers? Marketing that change would have been simpler IMHO than Windows 8/PRO/RT/PRT which frankly is downright confusing even though I get it. Also as interesting as it is to watch the Surface commercials the few two times... I learn nothing about the devices capabilities from those commercials. The Kindle HD commercial is lightyears better and tells me why $269 for a Fire HD is worth it over $499 for a retina iPad and its not just the price. Same goes with the marketing for Galaxy S3, NoteII, and even the BBZ10 where users are walking from use case to the next using the phone... the phone is NEVER out of focus as its the device and what it can do that sells it. These are just a few thoughts. If MS could figure out its branding and marketing issues the technology in their devices would actually become a hit.